Car insurance claim flow

Motor vehicle insurance is compulsory in India under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Automobile insurance is insurance that covers third party risks and the risk of damage caused to the vehicle due to the use of the vehicle. Indians are not worried about life insurance or health insurance plans, but they are more worried about car insurance if they drive scooters, bikes, cars or trucks. Otherwise, if someone gets hurt without an insured vehicle, it will be treated as a crime.

Now that everyone has their own car, the roads are congested and the risks are high, so auto insurance companies are growing every day and so are claims. However, policyholders often do not know exactly what to do to process their auto insurance claims.

Here are the steps to apply for car insurance. This helps a lot.

How to claim car insurance

In some scenarios, this step-by-step process makes it very easy.

Claims for personal injury:

If your vehicle has been in an accident, follow these steps to file a claim for damages.

Notify your insurance company - First and foremost, you should notify your insurance company as soon as possible and provide them with a fully completed claim form and required documentation before sending your car to a shop for repair. . Forms are available on the insurance service provider's website. Most insurance companies follow strict guidelines laid out in their policy documents.

Reporting FIR - In some cases, an Initial Information Report (FIR) is required. Just in case, please report his FIR to the nearest police station. Although not required to resolve your claim, we encourage you to submit an FIR. It depends on the conditions. Damage Assessment – ​​After notifying the insurance company, an assessor will be appointed to assess/evaluate the vehicle damage. He prepares a report and forwards it to the insurance company. You can also take a copy of the nearest network and bring the car to the garage for repair. Note:

If the damage is severe, the inspector will rush to the scene of the accident as soon as possible to carry out an inspection.

Claim Settlement - Once the insurance company receives the assessment report, it will analyze the claim and send it to the workshop for approval. The workshop should provide a cost estimate and schedule for vehicle repairs. The insurance company will contact Network Garage to get an overview of the extent of the damage and the progress of the repair work.

After the work is completed, a duly signed invoice and documents must be obtained from the workshop and submitted to the appraiser. The appraiser will send it to the insurance company.

If you have all the documents, the insurance company will refund your bill. Please note that there are some mandatory and variable deductible components as specified in the policy. As soon as your claim is settled and your car is ready, you can start driving again.

Third Party Billing Auto Insurance Claim Process:

・If you cause an accident by injuring a third party or breaking something, please do the following. 

Notify your insurance company - First and foremost, you should notify your insurance company as soon as possible. Also, remember not to make financial promises to third parties.

FIR REPORT – Report the FIR to your local police station and keep a copy of the FIR for future reference.

Sharing your insurance policy – ​​We strongly recommend that you provide a copy of your auto insurance policy to a third party so they can make a claim.

Complaints to the Motor Tribunal - Under the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, liability claims are brought to the Motor Accident Claim Tribunal (MACT). Claims may be asserted by a third party in the court closest to your place of residence.

After receiving all the paperwork, the insurance company will check the paperwork to assess the accident and, if the results are positive, hire the lawyers they commissioned.

If the court then orders damages to a third party, the insurance service company will pay the premium directly to the third party.

We encourage you to see if the situation can be resolved amicably out of court.

Theft claim:

If you discover your car has been stolen, follow these steps: FIR REPORT – Report the FIR to your local police station and keep a copy of the FIR for future reference.

Notify your insurance company - The first thing you will need to notify your insurance company is a copy of your FIR.

Once you receive the final report from the police station, make a copy of it and submit it to your insurance company. Insurance companies hire appraisers. The auditor prepares a report and submits it to the insurance company. Once this is done, submit her RC book of stolen cars to the insurance company. Submit your spare car key and deed. You must also submit a notarized compensation on stamp paper.

After all the procedures are completed, the insurance money will be paid.

It is very important to know about the car insurance process. Today, insurance companies across the board have very good customer support networks, and their teams are competent and supportive, and should be contacted when necessary. I hope you don't need these steps. I wish you safe driving, someone is waiting for you.  

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