How to Install the Sony WH-CH700N Driver on Windows 7

whch700n driver windows 7

Sony WH-H900N is one of the most popular Bluetooth headphones on the market today. Its price is reasonable and it provides good sound quality. It also offers an excellent design and is easy to use. You can read about the features and price of this headphones below. We recommend that you try out the Sony WH-H900N.

Sony WH-H900N

If you’re not able to connect your Sony WH-H900N to your computer, try installing its driver. To do this, open System Settings and choose Network. In the “Network” tab, click on Wi-Fi. Make sure that your computer matches the wireless network your headset is paired with.

Once you have installed the driver, you can pair the Bluetooth headset with your computer. This will allow it to play music on your computer and other devices. Make sure that you have an operating system that supports NFC. Otherwise, you will have to reconnect the device every time. If you don’t want to use NFC, you can use the headset’s power switch to pair it with other devices. However, you can’t use it with PS4 or Xbox One.

The battery life on the Sony H900N headphones is excellent. You can expect about six hours of playback time. You can also use its quick charge feature to add one hour to your listening experience. The headphones are also capable of being in standby mode for about 48 or 200 hours. They even support passive playback.

If you’re looking to customize your headphones, Sony recommends downloading the Sony Headphones Connect app, which can be downloaded on Android or iOS devices. The app is easy to use and has a good selection of features. You can control the equalizer, adjust the ambient sound mode, and even change the noise cancellation settings. One major drawback to the app is that you can’t map buttons to their functions. The app also lacks a timer for turning off the headphones.

Sound quality

When using the Sony WH-CH700N headphones, it is important to note the low-end performance, which is above average. The treble is also well-reproduced, and vocals are clearly audible throughout the song. The peaks and dips are also pretty decent. However, despite the overall sound quality, there is some echo during voice transmission. While this is not pronounced enough to obviate the need for a headset microphone, it is enough to make the sound quality less than optimal.

While the passive mode suffers from bass distortion, the noise cancelling mode makes a small improvement. Noise Cancelling improves bass reproduction by attenuating outside noise. The distortion level is less than 1%, so the sound is not severely affected. High-frequency treble is slightly boosted by the driver, giving it an impression of tight bass. However, the high-end is more subdued, with only a hint of sibilance.

The Sony WH-CH700N wireless headphone offers similar features, except for its mediocre noise cancelling. It has a higher battery life and more customization options. It also comes with an equalizer app that allows users to tune the sound profile. Users may also want to purchase a hard case to store the headphones, which will help protect them from accidental damage.

The WH-CH700N headphones offer a wide range of connections and compatibility with various source devices. They can also be used with a wired connection. However, when plugged in, the headphones will utilize the internal audio processing. While this can make the bass sound less thumpy, it’s still a decent amount of bass.


The Sony WH-CH700N is an over-ear headphone that delivers noise cancellation, extended listening time, and convenient voice control. It also features 40mm dynamic drivers and a wide frequency response. This model supports Bluetooth 4.1 and comes with a 1/8″ cable for wired operation.

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